Why try Coconut Flour? It’s a Healthy High Protein Gluten free Food

Why use coconut flour? When you’re on a restricted diet, you’ve got built in limits. For those of us who are gluten-free, alternative flours are an expensive fact of life. I’ve tried both store bought and homemade flour mixes. I like quinoa flour, brown rice flour, and almond meal for various purposes.

But there’s another flour I really like for baking that you might not find at your local health food store: coconut flour. Coconut flour is healthy, high in fiber, and good for candida management.

Coconut flour has health benefits.
Coconut flour has health benefits.

Coconut Flour For Variety

Since variety is important in any diet, and those avoiding wheat are probably eating more than their share of rice, in the form of rice pasta, rice cakes, rice crackers and oh yes, actual rice! I’m glad to have a baking choice in addition to rice flour.

I do like brown rice flour for its fine grain and that it works well in many of my baked goods. It can however, be just a little gritty. Coconut flour is really fine, it seems like “real” flour and is not gritty at all. In addition, it’s high protein, and mild in flavor.

While the price tag seems high at first glance, it’s a larger bag than what you’re used to buying locally, and with bulk buying and sales, that price comes down.

Buy Coconut Flour in Bulk for Best Prices

buy coconut flour in bulk for best deal on coconut flour
High in protein, coconut flour is good for a low carb gluten free diet.

Honeyville sells a bulk 5lb bag of organic coconut flour. Their 5 lb bag is offered at a reasonable price, which makes them the best option for bulk buyers. If you keep your coconut flour in a cool dry place it will keep for up to 6 months.

If you need to preserve it longer, just freeze it. We have a deep freezer full of frozen bulk flours at home. It is the best option for money saving.

Honeyville’s coconut flour is certified organic by the USDA. Coconut flour customers should not buy flour that has a fiber content of 50% or more. This is too much fiber and will cause baked goods to have a lower quality. Honeyville’s coconut flour is a high quality blend and it only has 16% fiber content, making it a good choice for baking.

Since coconut flour has a high fiber content that means it will yield more. A little bit of coconut flour will go a long way. It is suggested that you use  only 10-20% of your mix with coconut flour.

Coconut flour makes a good additive for shakes and smoothies where fiber and protein are needed. Coconut flour can also be used in baked goods too. It tends to make recipes a bit drier. What does that mean for you? You may want to alter your recipe to add a little bit more liquid to compensate.

Need a Good Desert Recipe that Uses Coconut Flour?

Check out Healthy Family’s gluten free Kolacky recipe made with coconut flour. The coconut flour adds the right amount of texture and consistency for this delicate cookie, although it is not a low carb cookie.

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